Spotify—by banning white power bands—is now deciding what music is acceptable — Quartz

Spotify—by banning “white power” bands—is now deciding what music is acceptable — Quartz

Music is political. Musicians are political. This we knew. Turns out that music-streaming services, the digital platforms that are supposed to merely host all of our songs and albums, are as well.

Following a week of tumult in American politics that began with a violent race-related protest in Char…

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Samsung’s 2017 TVs can now identify music with Shazam

Samsung’s removing a step in between hearing a good song you don’t recognize on TV and pulling out your smartphone to identify it with Shazam, Siri, or Google Assistant. That can take a few seconds — if your phone is even nearby. So to streamline things, the company has added Shazam directly t…

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‘They could destroy the album’: how Spotify’s playlists have changed music for ever

Venezuelan singer Danny Ocean was languishing in obscurity when he released Me Rehúso independently in September – and then Spotify changed his life. As the track started to build slowly on the Central American viral charts, the streaming service – spotting these spikes in plays – threw its w…

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